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Extraordinary leaders align their actions to their values, beliefs, and principles. Their leadership is rooted in integrity and honesty. They can say no, make a tough call, and sometimes stand alone. They are simultaneously strong and compassionate.

  • Extraordinary leaders keep their egos in check. They are defined by their contribution, not their title. They see themselves as neither above nor beneath anyone. They are in service to others for the greater good.
  • Extraordinary leaders surround themselves with brilliant people with whom they can have trusted authentic conversations. They seek to understand diverse viewpoints. They are willing to be wrong.
  • Extraordinary leaders welcome coaching and feedback. They are continually looking for ways to develop their potential. They are aware of their leadership gaps and blind spots and strive to manage them.
  • Extraordinary leaders are self-aware. They prioritize their own wellbeing by engaging in practices and activities that keep them strong, rested, and in good health.

Extraordinary leaders spend time going within to cultivate their instinct, creativity, and passion. In the silence, they find the wisdom they need to lead and the awareness to see beyond the horizon. They tap into an expansive state of mind that frees them from worry, resentment, and fear.

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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