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become a better leader?

Time is your most precious resource.  Every emerging leader, manager, and director I know feels time-constrained. I’m sure you are no different. You want to grow and develop yourself as a leader but struggle to find the time to invest in yourself. I get it! I felt the same way in my role as Chief Operating Officer.

The solution is to start your day with short micro-bites of leadership development. Imagine how good you would feel if you got an actionable leadership insight at the start of your day that could impact how you lead TODAY!

On your way in

On your way in is a series of 16 Guided Leadership Insights that I created for emerging leaders who are hungry to develop themselves personally and professionally. Each insight is a bite-sized learning opportunity experienced online, ideally at the start of your day or on your way into work. In 7-8 minutes every other day over 1 month you will dive into a leadership topic then learn and internalize a valuable insight that you can apply at work that very same day. 

What You’ll Love

It’s flexible, quick, practical, and actionable. You can watch the videos, listen to the audio recording, or read the captions – whatever’s convenient for you on your way into work. Additionally, every Guided Leadership Insight is reinforced with a concise 1-page worksheet to integrate what you learned into how you lead.

“So what exactly is this leadership development program?”

On your way in is…

  • a personal development program for emerging leaders
  • a resource to increase your self-awareness.
  • a tool to help you manage your mind to get the results you want.
  • a catalyst to increase emotional intelligence. 
  • an opportunity to practice conscious leadership. 
  • an opportunity to experience your authentic self.
  • a practice in character building and working with integrity.

“This is just what I need.”

“How do I register?”

Regularly $147.

Now ONLY $97!


“I’m seriously considering this! What’s included?”

Unlimited access to 16 Guided Leadership Insights designed to help you start your day with a growth mindset in as quick as 7-8 minutes.

A daily tool to develop your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and confidence as a leader.

Email reminders served up to your inbox every other day for a month to help you stay on track and committed to your own personal and professional development.

16 unique digital worksheets to integrate the learning that comes from each Guided Leadership Insight.

“Sounds great! What kind of leadership topics will be covered each day? I want to be sure the content is right for me.”

Insights 1-5

The Practice of Going Within

Managing Overwhelm

Fostering Inclusion & Belonging

Choosing Excellence

Being in Integrity

Insights 6-10

Conscious Communication

Power of Intention

Finding your Voice

Doing What You Do Best

Accessing your Intuition

Insights 11-16

Prioritizing your Time

The Power of the Pause

Compassionate Leadership

Admitting When you are Wrong

Self-Care for Leaders

Aspirational Leadership

“What are some of the benefits of the on your way in leadership development program?”

On your way in can help you…

Build your capacity to manage stress and emotional triggers at work.

Self-regulate in changing work environments.

Foster healthy interpersonal connections and collaborative teams.

Create a positive and proactive mindset to manage common challenges and obstacles at work.

Build your confidence by increasing self-awareness and tapping into your natural talents.

“I love the idea of bite-sized micro-learning. I could certainly work that into the start of my day. My next question is…can I afford it?”

Register now for the reduced price of only $97

You’re saving $50 off the standard price of $147.
Limited time offer


“Hey Sara! Who do you think you are?”

I am someone who has been in the role of manager, director, chief operating officer and now president of my own company, innertelligence, where I coach and train business leaders every day. I have come up through the corporate ranks at American Airlines as well as served as the Chief Operating Officer for Deepak Chopra’s wellness center for 7 years and am now a thriving entrepreneur. 

I know first-hand how real the leadership struggle is.  I know how easy it is to feel inadequate and how sometimes the smallest thing can rock your confidence. I also know how busy you are and how hard it is to find time to grow and develop yourself as a leader. That’s why I created on your way in with aspiring and emerging leaders in mind.

It’s a series of a microlearning opportunities that are custom designed for today’s VERY busy leader. When you take a small bite of learning over a month’s time, you can begin to internalized and practice a new way of showing up. That’s what leadership development is all about. 

I invite you to join me by registering today and start becoming a better leader on your way in to work.


Who would benefit from registering for the on your way in program?

On your way in is an accessible leadership development program for aspiring leaders and busy professionals who manage people or lead teams and are committed to developing themselves personally and professionally as conscious, self-aware leaders. Even if you currently aren’t leading people, on your way in will provide valuable learning that will support your personal growth and development.

What’s included when I register for the program?

As soon as you register, you will receive a welcome email. You will then create an account and have access to the on your way in program. In your account you will see each day’s Guided Leadership Insight as well as the on your way in digital worksheets which will summarize each day’s Insight and help you integrate your learning. 

Will I have access to all 16 Guided Leadership Insights at the time of enrollment?

Once you register and create an account, you will have access to the first Guided Insight.  Every other day thereafter, another Guided Leadership Insight will unlock. By the end of the program you will have access to all 16 Guided leadership Insights.  The ideal way to experience the Insights is to watch 1 every other day first thing in the morning. You will receive an email every other day for a month that will guide you through the program and orient you to each Insight and the accompanying worksheet.

How long will it take to complete each Insight?

The daily video recorded program lasts 7-8 minutes and is designed to be experienced at the start of your day so you can apply the learning during your workday. Reading and completing the daily worksheet should take no more than 10 minutes.

Will I have unlimited on-going access to the program and all the Guided Leadership Insights I purchase?

If you purchase the on your way in program you will have unlimited on-going access to the 16 Guided Leadership Insights and the 16 daily worksheets.

Is there a live component to the program?

The on your way in program is pre-recorded and can be consumed at your convenience.  Currently there is no live component to the program.

Can I complete the workbook online?

I recommend downloading the workbook to your computer.  You can then type your commitment onto each worksheet in the editable space.

Is there a deadline to register?

On your way in is an on-demand digital program meaning there is currently no deadline to register. You can register for the program on the day that is most convenient for you. Once you register, your program will start right away. After the promotional period the price will increase from $97 to $147.

I registered for the on your way in program but I didn’t I get a welcome email.

If you didn’t get a welcome email or one of the daily emails, please check your spam folder AND your promotions folder. If you still don’t see it, email

The best way to ensure the emails get to your inbox is to add to your contact list.

How can I provide feedback about the on your way in program?

At the end of the program you will receive a feedback survey where you can share your experience.  Your comments and suggestions will shape the future of the on your way in program.

Can I cancel my access to the program and get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

You can receive a full refund if you cancel within 4 days of registration.  Five days after you register, no refunds will be processed. If you receive a full refund, your program access will be cancelled. Refunds may take up to 14 business days to be processed and credited to your account. Email to request a refund.

Can I get 1:1 leadership coaching from Sara?

I have 2 leadership coaching packages that are available on a 1:1 basis. Explore my coaching packages for details. If you would like more information, complete my contact form for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

Every coaching session with Sara has been so helpful and I can see the growth happening on a daily basis.


My team has been thrilled with the process and outcome of working with Sara. Through her wisdom and guidance, Sara has helped us to discover a cohesiveness that we are beyond appreciative of. I highly recommend!

Ericka McCarronCEO, About Face

A relationship that began with a cross-country leap of faith, a deep dive into the unknown, embracing the concept of experiencing excellence, well-being & greater good through events featuring no announced agenda and certainly no "deliverables" (for fear of limiting one's experiences), Sara's value to leaders has only escalated with each & every Authenica appearance. With the clarity of an archer focused on their intended target, her clients benefit from her conscious redirection of where time & energy needs to be channeled to effect constructive, lasting change. No one knows better the value of "your space within" than Sara.

Craig LucasFounder, Authenica

The name is just perfect — innertelligence — because that's just what Sara Harvey offers with her skilled guidance. She's like no other because her support combines all the seasoned business acumen and know-how WITH the deeper connectedness to your heart and soul. After working closely with Sara for a decade, I can say that she's made me a better person, visionary and contributor to this world. And she'll do it for you too.

Amanda ReeFounder, Sama Dog

Through Sara’s coaching and support, I was able to grow and take my own leadership skills and strengths to the next level. Her coaching style is extremely collaborative and she makes sure it is all applicable to you as well as the challenges you may be facing. She empowers you to take the steps to engage your team as part of your process. That’s where you can really feel the change and limitless possibilities. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is ready to be inspired, invigorated and be the leader they always knew they could be. Sara is truly authentic. Her coaching style mirrors her leadership style.

Danielle AngeloDirector of Events, Chopra Center

I have had the incredible honor of spending time with Sara and listening to her speak on leadership and empowerment at The Chopra Center on numerous occasions. I can say, without hesitation, that her teachings are still in use in my coaching practice every single day. Highly recommend.

Anna WynnChopra Center Certified Instructor

Sara's coaching is direct. She uses great tools to dig in so you can see, get acquainted with and use your strengths. Her attention to mindfulness and awareness of values with your strengths makes her coaching powerful and meaningful.

Shawn HolmesDMD PhD, Co-owner, The YOU in You Consulting, Inc

Whether you are stuck, lost or just want to up your game, Sara is there for you and the Gallup Strengths will give you powerful insights into who you are and how to leverage your talents to the fullest. I absolutely recommend Sara!!

Jeff HolmesCo-owner, The YOU in You Consulting, Inc

I purchaed and completed your video series “On Your Way In” to sharpen my “innertelligence” skills. I thoroughly appreciate you organizing the content into micro lessons to fit into my day, as I lead a small company and am always arm wrestling with making time to feed my mind and soul. Sitting with and reflecting on the practice of trusting my intuition to inform my decision- making has given me the emotional freedom I needed around the need to always be “ON” that I have allowed to run me. Thank you Sara Harvey!

Kim Kucinich

"I'm worth it!"

Register for on your way in NOW for only $97.

Limited time offer