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Stuck?  The first place to look is at some of the 60,000 thoughts you have every day. Start thinking about what you’re thinking about and you will likely find a story that you’ve been telling yourself for years that’s keeping you small and falling short of your goals. The stories that keep us small are born out of fear tied to some experience in our past.  Take some time today to get quiet and start noticing your thoughts. Listen for anything you’re telling yourself that isn’t supporting your growth and your success. Write it down.  Now, on another piece of paper, write a new and different story that would move you in the direction of your goals.  It may be the exact opposite of your current thoughts.  That’s OK, whatever it takes to shift out of your current story and into an empowering one is what you want to get down on paper. Post that story on your bathroom mirror. Put it on top of your nightstand.  Put it in your wallet or pocket. Read it, read and read it again.  Memorize it.  When you notice your old story rising, hit cancel in your mind and replace it with your new story. This exercise takes awareness and practice but it can be a game-changer. Personally, I went from “I don’t have the guts.” to “I take massive imperfect action every day.”  New story…new results!

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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