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Creating Momentum Among Resistance

By September 4, 2020No Comments

Leaders can get stuck when there is emotional resistance and pushback coming from their teams. When you notice resistance among your team look for the source and most likely it will stem from one of these things:

  • Disagreement among peers
  • A perceived need of a team member that is not being met
  • A member of your team is stuck in the past or old way of doing things
  • There is a gap or lapse in communication
  • Any feeling that falls under: Fear, Uncertainty or Judgement

Here are 8 ways to rise above the resistance and activate momentum: 

  1. Provide additional context to the team.  Go beyond the “what” and clearly communicate the how, why, when, where, and who.
  2. Communicate clearly and more frequently. Small updates along the way are easier to digest and integrate.
  3. Respond quickly to concerns and roadblocks. Keeping your pulse on the emotional temperature of the team will allow you to easily settle turbulence that may arise.
  4. Create an opportunity for Q&A and feedback. Let your team know you are interested in what they think. Acknowledge and answer their questions. Act on their most useful comments.
  5. Allow for some digestion time to process information.  
  6. Match team member talents to project needs.  
  7. Model the mindset you want to see from your team. Your confidence and enthusiasm are a measuring stick that guides the perceptions, behaviors, and actions of your team.
  8. Address the elephant in the room. Don’t be afraid to say the unsaid. What’s not being said could be your biggest roadblock.   


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