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The successful archer engages in intentional practice every day. Her intention is to be better, stronger, and smarter than yesterday. Day in and day out, she comes to practice with a purpose. She works tirelessly to perfect her stance. She refines her body position.  With feet firmly rooted, she slowly raises her bow and pulls back on her arrow. She steadies the bow and arrow in such a position as to convert intention into action and action into the desired result. Her gaze is fixed firmly on her, seemingly impossible, tiny target some 60 feet away. Her mind is silent, still, and intently focused. All distractions fall away. In the blink of an eye, she releases the arrow. At that moment, she knows her work is done.  She can no longer direct the arrow.  She can no longer control the outcome.  She accepts there are forces beyond her control. She is detached from the outcome. She incorporates the learning and repeats her intentional practice again and again.  It’s the knowledge, skills, and practice that turn her talents into consistent near-perfect performance. Intentional practice turns raw talent into her most powerful strength enabling her to be the best archer she can be.

As a leader, you must call forward everything you have inside to be able to offer up the best version of yourself. You most certainly have strengths lying dormant inside you that deserve your attention.  You most certainly have resources within you that support your creativity, your instinct, and your ability to lead with great consciousness. So, stop. Quiet yourself. Create stillness in your body and spaciousness in your mind.  From this place, you will find your greatest strengths and your knowingness. What more could you need?

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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