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What is an achiever? By nature, the Achiever® keeps a checklist of tasks and is the master of getting stuff done. They are unafraid to work hard and is driven by the accomplishment of big goals. The Achiever® brings a surprising amount of stamina and intensity to their work which allows them to work long hours and go the extra mile.  Sounds pretty good, right? It is, but without self-awareness, self-regulation, and refinement, the high Achiever® risks burnout, not only their own burn-out but also that of their team. They can feel exhausted and frustrated with other team members who they perceive aren’t working as hard as they are.    If you are a high Achiever® and managing a team, you need to be mindful of how much you are doing vs how much you are delegating.  Your tendency might just be to do it yourself, because you can, because you’re faster and because you’ve done it before but that may not be what’s best for the team.

To turn your Achiever® talent into a super Strength take the following 4 mindful actions daily

  • Ask yourself am I really the best person to execute on this project or task? Are there any high achievers around me that could benefit and grow from taking on the task? This question will help stop you from sinking down into the minutia of tasks and will help keep you available for your team.
  • Ensure you are engaged in activities outside of work every day that give you energy and keep you balanced? Think exercise, healthy nutrition, meditation, restful sleep.  Sometimes the best thing a high achiever can do it is give it a rest.
  • Partner with someone who is strong strategically, so you can ensure the work you are doing is aligned to the end result. High achievers often have their heads down cranking out the work and from time to time they need to look up and ensure they are still on track and that the plan hasn’t changed.
  • Take time to celebrate accomplishments – yours and your team members. Celebrating successes, even small ones, helps acknowledge the work accomplished and keeps motivations high.

To all you who lead with your Achiever® talent, thank you for driving your organization forward.  It couldn’t be done without you.

Check out this video for more information about the Achiever® talent theme.


Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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