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Swimming is my moving meditation. When I swim, my body feels supported by the water. I experience a lightness of being. My strokes are smooth and consistent as they overcome the natural resistance of the water. I listen to the sound, pace, and rhythm of my breath. My mind settles down while my body does the work. I experience silence under the water. No technology. No machines. It’s just me and the water. The outcome?

Mental space for a cosmic download of creativity, inspiration, and intelligence that can only come in a meditative state. 

Leave your technology at home and allow your breath to be your music. The sound of your breath connects you to your body and moves your attention away from your thoughts. With your attention on your breath, you can move from thinking to feeling. You can deepen your breath for greater oxygen intake. You can slow your breath for greater control. The breath becomes an exercise unto itself.

Pace yourself in a way that feels less like effort and more like every movement is natural. Notice the rhythms of your body and the way your legs, your arms and your core support you. Just keep swimming.

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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