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Your heart sits in between your head and your gut; consider your heart a bridge between your thoughts and your instincts. You will notice how your heart feels about a decision will tell you a lot about how aligned that decision is with your values and integrity. This is great state to be in – however; with the constant distractions of daily life, it can be hard to get into that clear state of being.

Here are 10 techniques I have used in my personal and professional life to improve my focus:

  1. Close my laptop and put my phone away.  
  2. I take a walk. I take a swim. I ride my bike. 
  3. I hike in nature. Whatever’s around me – ocean, lakes, mountains, deserts, rainforests, parks.
  4. Meditate!
  5. I take a shower. (A lot of clarity arises when I’m taking a shower – no distractions)!
  6. 5 rounds of slow deep belly breathing.
  7. I get a massage.
  8. Stand up and stretch.
  9. Slowly and deeply inhale the aroma of lavender. 
  10. Hydrate with a glass of room temperature water and a squeeze of lemon.

Which of these techniques resonate with you? Check in if you feel checked out. Everything will come back in to focus.

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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