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There are plenty of things throughout your day that can deplete your energy such as unhealthy conflicts, lack of accountability, unmanageable workload, non-responsiveness, and the list goes on. Your strengths, on the other hand, can be a source of positive energy for you. When you’re working in your strengths zone, you may notice 5 common experiences that can support and increase your energy.

  1. Yearning – You experience ease and a yearning to do more of what you are naturally good at.  You seek out opportunities to do work that aligns with your talents. You feel a heightened sense of engagement. 
  2. Rapid Learning – You notice you pick up things quickly and learning comes easy. You may be ready to get started on a procedure before anyone else. The way something needs to be done makes sense to you right away. You may find yourself saying, “I’ve got this!”
  3. Flow – You experience yourself as being “in the flow”. You notice that time seems to pass quickly, and the day is over before you know it.  There seems to be less frustrations and obstacles in your way. Work doesn’t feel like an uphill battle. You are making more progress than you expected.
  4. Glimpses of Excellence – You might find yourself pleasantly surprised how well you did something.  The work you did was beyond good. It was excellent. Your results are better than you imagined. You feel inspired.
  5. Satisfaction – You stand back, look at what you accomplished throughout your day and have a feeling of satisfaction. You feel productive and happy with your work.  You are working smarter, not harder. It feels like things are going your way. 

So, whether you’re thinking through managing your own tasks, delegating tasks, establishing partnerships or planning and strategizing, it’s important to remember that doing so while leading with your strengths helps create efficiencies that lead to a more energized you and an energized workforce.

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Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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