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Feminine innertelligence.

By October 30, 2020No Comments

My inherent nature tells you I am a woman.  My DNA says I am a woman and my physical body indicates I am a woman. However, the definition of who I am as a woman goes far beyond what you can physically see, beyond what you can observe under a microscope in a strand of DNA. I am a complex web of subtle energies that lie dormant until called out. Subtle energies of feminine innertelligence.

My feminine energies are different than the energies inherent in a man but no less powerful.

These subtle feminine energies are what bring about the fullest expression of who I can be and what I am are capable of manifesting. When I fully activate or enliven these energies, I become an archetype or the highest expression of that energy.  My feminine energies are what give me the power to achieve my dreams, fulfill my life’s purpose, and create my destiny.

Women are naturally wired with feminine energy, sometimes known in the ancient wisdom traditions as yin or shakti. Unfortunately, in the workplace, that energy has been stereotyped as weak or fragile.

As a result, women tend to shy away from it and instead, call forth more masculine energy that mirrors their male counterparts. This usually occurs as a survival technique or coping mechanism in a male-dominated environment.

The issue for women is not about “softening” their approach in the workplace.

Instead, it is about cultivating a balanced approach to leadership that fosters trust, compassion and connection while having the courage and tenacity to make bold decisions that move the business forward.

Good leadership, for both men and women, is understanding and activating the most valuable attributes of masculine and feminine energy as the situation requires. 

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