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I am passionate about coaching and training leadership teams. I recently asked myself, who is setting the gold standard when it comes to uncompromising teamwork, passionate commitment, unwavering trust, laser focus, and crystal-clear communication? One name rose up above all others … The Navy Seals. The Seals train to the highest standards because they face the highest stakes. 

As a part of my own on-going personal and professional development, I said say YES to an opportunity to participate in an immersive 30-hour leadership training experience. This experience was led by two former, and highly impressive, Navy Seals: Commander Mark McGinnis and CW05 Rick Joslin

In 30 hours, myself and 15 other leaders were put through a life-changing experience in which we were transformed from individual strangers to a cohesive team in which no one quit and no one was left behind.

During this time we were challenged physically, emotionally, and mentally at all hours. And I mean all of them! The mission was to understand and practice the fundamentals of Seal Leadership. We focused on communication, teamwork, perspective, endurance, making a decision with imperfect information, finishing strong, and never giving up. It was imperative to dig deep inside to find that part of ourselves that we didn’t even know we had.

In 30 hours, the 16 of were bonded, aligned, and learned very quickly what being “fair and firm” means to performance and accountability. Our team, Seal Leadership Team 02, are 100% better for it.

I have come home a stronger leadership coach, a better team player, and a more insightful leader of self. I appreciate those men and women who willingly serve our country and give us all the gift of freedom.

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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