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Take a pause to reflect on how your strengths are helping you lead and develop others. Where do you need to grow? How are you meeting the core needs of your teammates and followers? Strengths-based leaders continually self-assess to maximize their potential and the potential of others.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths-based leaders are self-aware and can regulate their own strengths to create optimal outcomes. They apply the best of their strengths to manage any challenge or opportunity. They know where they excel and where they don’t. They willingly hand over the reins to those who are more qualified and can do it better, faster, or easier. They continually invest in their own learning and development, not allowing their weaknesses to get in the way of individual and team goals.

Identify and Develop Potential in Others

Strengths-based leaders identify talent potential and create opportunities for others to grow and develop. They know that a successful team is not made up of 1 strong individual but rather a combination of talented team members who each contribute their unique strengths to the whole. A strengths-based leader cultivates a learning environment by guiding, coaching, and directing the talents of others so they get the best from everyone on the team.

Meet the Core Needs of Your Teammates and Followers: Trust, Compassion, Stability, and Hope

Strengths-based leaders are committed to meeting the core needs of their teammates and followers. They build trust by modeling integrity and doing what’s needed to build psychological safety on the team. When trust is present on a team, individuals are more likely to be engaged and work openly with each other. They lead with compassion to indicate they care. They put people first and have difficult conversations with kindness. They reinforce stability by leaning on their talents and strengths to steady the team. They are visible and dependable especially in times of change or unsteadiness. They inspire hope by fostering meaningful connections on the team, sharing uplifting stories and recognizing and appreciating individuals and groups for both small and big wins.


The 4 needs of followers originate from Gallup’s research and is outlined in Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath.
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Sara Harvey

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