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If the thought of speaking your every thought aloud sounds frightening, you are not alone! You would likely find yourself repeating the same thought over and over, given how much the mind likes to ruminate. Perhaps you’d have some thoughts you would prefer nobody heard.  You know the ones…the thoughts that make you feel vulnerable or shameful or embarrassed. The ones wrapped up in some memory of the past that create a diminishing story about who you are or who someone else is.

Ask yourself right now, who is your storyteller? Is it fear? Is it self-doubt?  It’s important to know because that storyteller is making meaning out of every experience in your life.  Your storyteller is either your worst enemy or your greatest evolutionary force. The good thing is, you have a choice in who is authoring your experiences and it all starts with the awareness of who you really are.

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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