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Feeling uninspired with the daily grind? Do you wish there was an opportunity to creatively express new ideas at work? Consider leading your team in a blue-sky brainstorming session. A blue-sky brainstorming session is designed to stir up your creative juices, give you the opportunity to stretch farther than you can reach, dream without boundaries, and envision the impossible. In addition, it brings together your team and sends a message of inclusion and value of their opinions.

Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare and bring the right mindset to any creative idea-generating session with your team:  

  • Be open to considering all possibilities. Let nothing be out of the question or off the table.
  • Let your imagination be your guide. Think big and original.
  • Mentally separate from your workload and task list.
  • Dare to take a risk.
  • Create more mental space using meditation and mindfulness practices. 
  • Do something physical that expands your awareness and causes you to wonder. Walk in nature. Lay down under the stars. Swim in the ocean. Ski down a mountain. 

Who knows? Your creative idea may be the spark that changes everything. Successful leaders practice persistence. I say practice because it takes conscious daily effort to stay the course especially when the business gets messy and it feels like your swimming upstream. Persistence isn’t a state of perfection, it’s an on-going commitment to your purpose and passion. 

To become a best-in-class leader, you need to understand and activate your innertelligence because who you are on the inside is how you show up on the outside.

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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