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I am realizing everything I took for granted pre-quarantine – a walk on the beach, popping over to a friend’s house, my health, my kids’ teachers, going to the movies, going out to dinner and being served at a table, my income, my freedom. I am realizing exactly how difficult it is to stay put during quarantine – I want to break out of what feels like a tightly wrapped cocoon.  I feel stuck.  I feel constrained.  I feel a rollercoaster of emotions, depending on the day. I want it to end. We are not meant to be alone. I am realizing who I will be post-quarantine – more appreciative, more connected, more present, more grateful, more of who I am meant to be. Thank you, quarantine. I realize you come bearing gifts. I will not waste them!

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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