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Speaking Engagements

Inspired Executive Speaker

Sara has led an extraordinary life and understands the true meaning of looking inward. It’s not easy to take a step back and evaluate what you believe about yourself, your skills, your shortcomings, or your failures. This can be uncomfortable, but the right leadership speaker inspires you to do this and to experience the discomfort as your greatest opportunity for learning and transformation.

Regardless of how many people are in the room during a speaking engagement, Sara connects with the audience on a deep level to truly incite them to expand their beliefs about health, well-being, leadership, and self-awareness. Sara digs into her own experiences managing change and facing uncomfortable truths to give her audience an understanding of what is attainable through deep introspection.

Meet Sara Harvey

We live in a world that is superficially connected on the outside through all types of technology. Sara’s speaking engagements are crafted to move past the superficial noise and to reconnect with the self to build awareness, think differently, connect on a deeper level with others, and achieve excellence.

Creating Personal Connections

Sara is an inspirational speaker who effectively creates personal connections with large audiences. I saw this first hand when Sara was speaking at a Chopra Center event. Even though there were 400 people in the room Sara connected with the crowd on a special level. When she presents, she integrates her many years of executive-level leadership experience at Deepak Chopra's organization with the wisdom she has acquired in the area of personal development and human potential.

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Sara's Keynotes

To Inspire the Best In You

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Sara Harvey shares the unfolding of her 30-year journey from flight attendant at American Airlines to c-suite executive for Dr. Deepak Chopra and ultimately, to inspired entrepreneur. The power of intention, awareness of synchronicities, and the practice of saying yes, in spite of uncertainty, are just a few of the whys behind her success. Sara believes the path we take in this life is inextricably linked to the stories we tell ourselves and the people we attract. There’s no better time than now to wake up to a new story.

Start with Talents,
Finish with Strengths

As a Certified Gallup Cliftonstrengths Coach, Sara will introduce you to the power of CliftonStrengths as a strategy for excellence. Our inherent strengths describe us, influence our choices, direct our actions and explain why we are better at some things than others. It is through our talents and strengths that we tap in to our greatest potential for success.

Optimize Your Game

This game we call life is stressful, overwhelming and beyond busy. Work, kids, parents, spouses, friends, and partners are all getting the best of you. What’s left? An out of balance, exhausted, depleted version of you. By understanding your mind-body constitution and the root cause of your mental, physical, and emotional imbalances, you will take the first steps to prioritize your own wellbeing. Learn the practices that will reignite your energy, sooth your stress and rebalance your mind-body systems for optimal wellbeing.

Release the Need to Control

So much suffering is caused by your need to control. Your memories have you attached to the past and your anxieties have you stressed about the future. What if you were able to free yourself from that pain and suffering and create some piece of mind? Learn the techniques to live in the present moment and to trust that transformational outcomes occur in spite of your ego and not because of it. Discover a better way.

Soul Searching for Success

What’s your definition of success? Is it accomplishment? Is it prosperity? Is it significance? Sadly, I know many successful, unhappy people. After attaining their prescribed definition of success, they arrive at a deep sense of emptiness. It’s never too late to take the opportunity to create a new and fulfilling definition of success in your own life. Rethink what success means to you. Redefine your purpose and begin to live the life you were intended to lead.

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation has a variety of proven benefits and is widely practiced by successful individuals worldwide, including CEOs, world leaders, and professional athletes. Gain a foundational understanding of how meditation works, why mediation works, and how to get started.