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This weekend we went cherry-picking. We picked a lot of cherries.  Let me rephrase that … we picked A LOT of cherries, more than we could eat! So, I got creative and thought about all the ways those cherries could be enjoyed. I realized there’s a lot that can we do with all those cherries other than keeping them in the fridge for a week. I shared some with the neighbors. I gave some away to friends. I made a cherry pie. I made cherry marinade. I made a fruit salad with watermelon, cherries, and raspberries. I froze a few bags for smoothies. And naturally, I left a few in the fridge for snacking.

Think of your content and IP the same way I thought about my cherries.

Before you create something new, go into your content library and find another use for what is already on the shelf.

By repurposing what you’ve already made, again, and again, you save time and effort and maximize your return on investment. 

The quickest way to burn out a team is to ask them to constantly create something new, especially when what you’ve already made what you need!

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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