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Right now, I feel inspired by what would it take to turn that potentially fleeting feeling of inspiration into a way of being. How exactly do you go about creating and living an inspired life?  So glad you asked! 

Here are 15 ways of being that have helped me live an inspired life:

  1. Do something different.
  2. Say yes to something or someone new before you have all the answers.
  3. Accept uncertainty.
  4. Welcome in a little discomfort by doing something different
  5. Manage your mind
  6. Be willing to change the story you are telling yourself.
  7. Your thoughts determine your results
  8. Contemplate the look, feel, and vision of an inspired life.
  9. Let your Body Lead
  10. Notice what’s happening neck down.
  11. Trust your gut instinct.
  12. Be guided by your heart for fulfillment. 
  13. Be quiet.  Listen to your inner voice.
  14. Be in service and gratitude to others.
  15. Give attention, appreciation, affection, acceptance
Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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