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Hey Leaders – here’s the thing: knowledge isn’t always power. In fact, sometimes it’s not knowledge at all, it’s useless information or input and it’s coming at you FAST and hindering your success. Let’s break it down, in fact; digestion is a perfect analogy of how your business can suffer from input overload. 

Every day, we consume vast amounts of input (food), some of it worthwhile (fruits and vegetables), much of it void of any real value (junk food). The input (food) is then processed (digested) and converted (transformed) into meaning and emotion (nutrients).

If the input (food) has value to us, it gets transformed into a meaningful action (energy) that serves our business (health). It gets integrated (absorbed) into the strategic plan (physical systems) and makes our business (health) stronger. The input (food) that is insignificant or not useful (void of nutrition) fades into the background and is forgotten (eliminated).

An excessive amount of useless input (overeating) clogs our thinking (creates constipation) reduces our creativity (converts into fat) and becomes confusion (toxicity) to the employees in the business (mind-body systems). Reactionary decisions (irritable bowel syndrome) ensue which leads to disorganization, chaos (disease), and eventually the downfall (denigration) of the business (your health).

Be discerning what and how much input (food or information) you digest.

Your health and that of your business depend on it. One of many reasons to go in, before you go out.

Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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