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Leaders! Your attitude matters because you set the tone for your team. When you walk in the door, your presence needs to be up-leveling the energy of the room. Your energy directly affects your team and awareness around the energy you bring into the room is one step closer to being a truly conscious leader.

Here are 5 easy ways to up-level with a consciously abundant mindset:

  • Give an enthusiastic shout out to the prior day’s biggest win.
  • Hold a morning huddle to let your team know how much they matter.
  • Give everyone on your team a time-saving technology tip.
  • Kick off a sales contest with motivating prize incentives.
  • Invite your entire team a solutioning session* to solve an obstacle you are facing.  
    • *Make it clear that all solutions, crazy or not, are welcome.
Sara Harvey

Founder & President, innertelligence

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