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Your Strengths. My Expertise.
Extraordinary Leadership.

Sara Harvey provides personal, executive and team coaching and leadership training.

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Before You Go Out, Go In.

Inside yourself is the only place you will discover the extraordinary leader you are meant to be. Great leadership is a journey of self-discovery that begins by taking a look inside yourself at the resources with which you have to work. It’s the awareness of who you are – mind, body and spirit – that will turn your talents into tools for extraordinary leadership.

Discover innertelligence

My Mission

is to help you activate the intelligence that resides within you, at every level, as your most powerful resource for extraordinary leadership.


The Leadership Coaching Experience

With decades of executive leadership experience, I coach you to become an extraordinary leader by activating your innertelligence, because who you are on the inside is how you lead on the outside.

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The Team Training Experience

The collective talents of a team are defined by the innertelligence of the individuals. Through Gallup® CliftonStrengths® team training, I will help you put the right talents on the right tasks for greater productivity and engagement.

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The Inspiring Speaking Experience

Discover the importance of your innertelligence as shared through Sara’s personal and professional leadership experience.  Sara has the natural ability to inspire and reframe your beliefs about health, wellbeing, leadership and self-awareness.

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Every coaching session with Sara has been so helpful and I can see the growth happening on a daily basis.


My team has been thrilled with the process and outcome of working with Sara. Through her wisdom and guidance, Sara has helped us to discover a cohesiveness that we are beyond appreciative of. I highly recommend!

Ericka McCarronCEO, About Face

A relationship that began with a cross-country leap of faith, a deep dive into the unknown, embracing the concept of experiencing excellence, well-being & greater good through events featuring no announced agenda and certainly no "deliverables" (for fear of limiting one's experiences), Sara's value to leaders has only escalated with each & every Authenica appearance. With the clarity of an archer focused on their intended target, her clients benefit from her conscious redirection of where time & energy needs to be channeled to effect constructive, lasting change. No one knows better the value of "your space within" than Sara.

Craig LucasFounder, Authenica

The name is just perfect — innertelligence — because that's just what Sara Harvey offers with her skilled guidance. She's like no other because her support combines all the seasoned business acumen and know-how WITH the deeper connectedness to your heart and soul. After working closely with Sara for a decade, I can say that she's made me a better person, visionary and contributor to this world. And she'll do it for you too.

Amanda ReeFounder, Sama Dog

Through Sara’s coaching and support, I was able to grow and take my own leadership skills and strengths to the next level. Her coaching style is extremely collaborative and she makes sure it is all applicable to you as well as the challenges you may be facing. She empowers you to take the steps to engage your team as part of your process. That’s where you can really feel the change and limitless possibilities. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is ready to be inspired, invigorated and be the leader they always knew they could be. Sara is truly authentic. Her coaching style mirrors her leadership style.

Danielle AngeloDirector of Events, Chopra Center

I have had the incredible honor of spending time with Sara and listening to her speak on leadership and empowerment at The Chopra Center on numerous occasions. I can say, without hesitation, that her teachings are still in use in my coaching practice every single day. Highly recommend.

Anna WynnChopra Center Certified Instructor

Sara's coaching is direct. She uses great tools to dig in so you can see, get acquainted with and use your strengths. Her attention to mindfulness and awareness of values with your strengths makes her coaching powerful and meaningful.

Shawn HolmesDMD PhD, Co-owner, The YOU in You Consulting, Inc

Whether you are stuck, lost or just want to up your game, Sara is there for you and the Gallup Strengths will give you powerful insights into who you are and how to leverage your talents to the fullest. I absolutely recommend Sara!!

Jeff HolmesCo-owner, The YOU in You Consulting, Inc

On behalf of Democrats Abroad Mexico, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are simply amazing!! I loved your presentation, and it inspired some ideas for me and our chapter, as I’m sure that it did for everyone. You were just the spark we needed to help get our members motivated for the midterms. I think we were all feeling a bit isolated and, therefore, a bit discouraged. Your insight into this helped to make our AGM weekend a huge success. The Gallup Strengths Assessments that you led us through were also just what our board needed. Because we are working in different cities across Mexico, we sometimes forget to reach out to other board members for help and advice. We now have a resource to help us determine who is the best person to contact. Again, I can’t thank you enough for invigorating our spirits after three years of not meeting in person.

Glenda BlandDemocrats Abroad Mexico
Sara Harvey trains leaders and executives to improve their leadership and create more integrated, efficient teams.

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